OKM’s Manufacturing Process Ensures Consistent Quality

  Process 1 – OKUMURA Japan
The Latest Advancements in Design
OKM employs the precision of Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology in the design of its wide range of valves.
  Process 2 – Development Design Pattern & Die Making
Quality Casting – An Essential Part of Any Valve OKM emphasizes quality control in the valve casting process. At OKM all founded surfaces must always be cleanly finished to ensure valve durability and reliability.
  Process 3 – OKM Malaysia
Shot Blasting for Clean Surfaces
OKM uses an exacting shot blast process to ensure that all cast surfaces are free of casting sand. The process sprays iron particles of 1mm (0.039″) in diameter over all cast surfaces before machining.
  Process 4 – Casting Shot Blasting
Machined to an Ultra-Finished Surface
OKM carefully machines every part to guarantee years of trouble-free operation.
  Process 5 – Rubber Lining Assembly
Vulcanizing Extends Service Life
All OKM butterfly valves are lined with specially vulcanized rubber to deliver low-torque, peak-free operation year after year.
  Process 6 – Inspection & Testing Painting
Final Assembly – the Key to Efficiency
OKM takes pride in the efficiency of its assembly process – a process that delivers affordable butterfly valves to meet the increasing demands of industry.
  Process 7 – Packing & Warehousing Shipping To World Markets
Inspection and Testing that Ensures Quality
After assembly, every OKM butterfly valves is 100% tested for leaks in the casing (shell tested) and the valve seat (seal tested), before packing and shipping to the markets of the world.