Fluid Control in Plants and Factories

OKM butterfly valves control the flow of the water and other fluid resources in power plants and large-scale processing facilities around the world. These valves are compact and lightweight for economy and high performance.

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OKUMURA 612X & 615X Butterfly Valves

A product that offers merits through it performance and economical feature. It also reduces torque requirement through its unique OKM seat structure which make it possible to have longer seat ring life. Low torque & longer life due to its unique new OKM soft touch seat: A newly developed soft touch seat that presses in with a smooth angle when the disc touches at the rubber seat. A lighter and smaller actuator due to the lower torque requirement: Due to the unique OKM seat development, no other products have its kinds of patented seat structure. With the reduction of its torque requirement, the actuator could be made smaller and lighter. FCD450 as a body material : ( 40A-300A) FCD450 is used as the body for 612X Type C and E in order to strengthen and further improve...

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About OKM

OKUMURA Quality Valves For Four Decades Since 1952, OKUMURA has specialized in the manufacture of high-quality valves for industry’s demanding fluid control needs. That’s four decades extensive experience in fluid control technology. In 1955, OKUMURA patented its first plate valve for use in paper pulp mills. Today, OKUMURA delivers a full line of butterfly, knife-gate, plate pinch specialty, and electronically controlled valves to industries around the world. Now, OKUMURA brings its hightech fluid control technology to Malaysia, with the opening of OKM VALVE Malaysia. Sitting adjacent to the Straits of Malacca, the shipping crossroads of the world, OKM Valve Malaysia delivers improved fluid control to the expanding industrial markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. OKM’s now legendary Model 616 Butterfly Valve, featuring the original touch-seal system, low torque, and high...

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