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OKUMURA 616 Butterfly Valves

Friction-Free Performance: Tough New Way to Tame Pressure Up to 16 Bar (232 psi)

The OKUMURA 616 Butterfly Valve features a patented “Touch” seat design that works together with an S-shaped disc to provide smooth, dependable bubble-tight shutoff and and extended service. The design accommodates working pressure up to 16 bar. (232 psi) and flanges comply with ISO, ANSI, BS, AS, DIN and JIS.

S-Shaped Disc Enhances Flow Control

The S-Shaped disc enhances the CV rating and promotes flow control without turbulence. The valve can be operated at the lowest possible operating torque with bubble-tight  shutoff at the maximum operating pressure.


Friction-Free Operation for Low Torque, Long Service 

The patented “Touch” seat design permits the disc to close with virtuality no frictional contact between the disc and the valve seat. 

And so, there is virtuality no wear and tear on the valve’s internal structure. The construction ensures a low torque-to-size ratio and improved in service performance over a conventional design



OKUMURA 612X & 615X Butterfly Valves

A product that offers merits through it performance and economical feature. It also reduces torque requirement through its unique OKM seat structure which make it possible to have longer seat ring life.   


  • Low torque & longer life due to its unique new OKM soft touch seat: A newly developed soft touch seat that presses in with a smooth angle when the disc touches at the rubber seat.
  • A lighter and smaller actuator due to the lower torque requirement: Due to the unique OKM seat development, no other products have its kinds of patented seat structure. With the reduction of its torque requirement, the actuator could be made smaller and lighter.
  • FCD450 as a body material : ( 40A-300A) FCD450 is used as the body for 612X Type C and E in order to strengthen and further improve it.





OKUMURA 602 Butterfly Valves

WaterWork Valve


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OKUMURA 54 Series

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